We timeline 50 years of progress - [Infographic] Equal Pay Day 2019.

Um… not quite.

We’ve made progress, but as you can see in the Infographic we’ve put together below, there’s still much work to be done. 

It's hard to believe that just over 50 years ago in Australia, a law prevented women from working once married… Yes, the ‘Marriage Bar’ was only lifted in 1966…

Even today, women opting out of the workforce or scaling back their careers due to family and other caring obligations remains one of the biggest contributors to the gender pay gap. 

If we want equality at work, we also need equality at home and research consistently shows us that even when women ramp up their hours at work, the load they carry on the home front remains unbalanced (and unsustainable). In our view, they’re two sides of the one coin.

Pay equality for women means increased independence and security. It means confidence, acceptance, recognition and wellbeing. It’s something we’re committed to achieving. 

Equal Pay Day 2019 Infographic.png

Organisations can help their people to better navigate the early parenting years.

Setting the foundation for equality at home is one of the cornerstones of our Positive Parental Leave Program. 

In Stage 2 of our program, we support parents to establish a true partnership at home before they return to work following Parental Leave.

We help parents to have the important conversations they need to have, to ensure they are better able to navigate the sometimes conflicting commitments of home and work. 

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