When was the last time you REALLY examined your strengths?

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One of the smartest things you can do when preparing your career re-entry or transition, is to get re-acquainted with your signature strengths. By strengths, we don't mean the run-of-the-mill, everyone-says-the-same-thing kind of strengths, we mean the capabilities and qualities that make you, YOU, and an obvious fit for certain types of roles.

Re-examining your signature strengths is not only confidence-building; it also helps you to evaluate what next career moves might be best for you. In addition to helping you to choose work that ‘works’, when you look a little further down the track, being clear on your unique strengths and capabilities is very handy when you need to convince a sceptical stranger that you’re the best person for a job that you’ve got your heart set on.

Getting to know your strengths is a no-brainer.

Put simply, strengths are the natural capacities that you have inside you and that you yearn to use. They are what also makes you memorable. Using your strengths feels authentic and energises you.

When you bring your strengths to the surface, you not only better understand what makes you thrive, but you can also start to explore how you might be able to cultivate your strengths through your career choices.

Strengths are different to skills (like being ace at financial analysis or giving presentations), yet they can be related. Skills also differ from interests and passions, and as we cover in our Career Clarity Program, it is uncovering the combination of all of these subtly different components that gives you the most complete and holistic picture of what makes you thrive, memorable and effective at what you do.

You might find it easy to jot down a list of generic strengths on a piece of paper, but these are seldom much use. When you dig a little deeper, you’re able to uncover your unique mix of signature strengths and character traits that make you a perfect match for particular roles and careers.

Ready to re-engage with your strengths? Start here.

Think about the projects you really nailed in previous roles. What elements of previous projects (or current, including your role as a mum), allowed you to work at your best? What skills/abilities did you engage in your favourite projects? What what it about what you did that added value?

This will start to give you some clues…

Really knowing your strengths in a way that you can use the knowledge to build your confidence and inform your choices around your next career steps takes more than this, and it’s an area we explore deeply in our Career Clarity Program. Often, it’s the support and feedback of others that makes the difference in articulating your strengths effectively. When you uncover them though, the impact can be enormous.

If you like the idea of someone stepping you through the process of uncovering your strengths, interests, character traits and key knowledge areas, then our Career Clarity Program could be perfect for you. Our self-led, 4-chapter online program is at your fingertips, 24/7. You also get lifetime access, so there’s no pressure to finish it until you’re ready. Supported by our coaching team, it’s a program that could change your year, heck, maybe even the direction of your life.