3 flexible working truths when returning to work - Episode 21

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The ability to complete our work flexibly is a huge enabler for us. As parents, we see the benefits of being able to deliver our results, on our terms and we believe our business is all the better for it. But flexible work arrangements can be disruptive if they’re not structured and implemented effectively and requesting a flexible work arrangement can be scary… 

For every good news story, we’re aware of flexible work arrangements that have gone wrong, and there are still a number of organisations who are yet to adopt the view that flexibility is a good thing. On the flip side, there are an increasing number of companies who offer their employees flexibility - and growing evidence to the benefits that flexibility brings both employees and employers.

We’re total, 100% supporters of flexible work for all (not just parents) - and we are believers that if there’s a will, there’s a way. Family (or - insert other passion) and career can co-exist!

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If the thought of asking for flexibility makes you nervous, it’s important you read on!

Not too long ago we supported an amazing grandmother to ask for a flexible work arrangement so that she could start to look after her health better whilst enjoying her rewarding career. Despite being employed with the organisation for over 10 years, she was very hesitant and nervous to make her request because of some casual comments made by her manager when she briefly mentioned her desire to cut back her days in the past.

By following a process, getting schooled on her legal rights and clearly outlining her request in writing, after some negotiation, her request was accepted and she has never looked back. For her, achieving a flexible work arrangement meant being able to maintain her career and her health and for the organisation it meant retaining one of their most experienced and valued staff.

We’ve also spoken with two women lately who have returned to work after some time away (to fairly senior roles), who both agreed to take on a workload that they couldn’t sustain, because they were afraid to discuss flexibility during the recruitment/negotiation process. In fear of of not getting the job, they didn’t raise the topic of flexibility and paid the price in the early months of getting settled in their new roles.

We’ve got something to say about this. We believe that even if you are returning to work after some time, or going for a new job - you have the opportunity to negotiate a flexible work arrangement that can benefit both you and your potential employer. Some small discomfort in the short term can result in much better outcomes in the long term.

In this video, we share 3 truths about negotiating for flexibility during the recruitment process. A must watch if you’re heading back to work soon or you’re currently in the thick of the recruitment process.

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