3 job search mistakes we don't want you to make! Episode 22

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The job search process can be one of the most energy-depleting parts of returning to work after you’ve had a break. When you’ve made your mind up that you’re going to embark on finding a job, there are several ducks that you need to line up in order for it to be a success…

…and with a career gap on your resume, you want to be ready to meet every challenge that comes your way with grace and confidence, giving you the best chance of landing a job that suits you and fits in with your family commitments.

One of the first things people tend to do when they’re ready to return to work, is to think about updating their CV… a task that very few people enjoy. Even thinking about it can be enough to delay your job search activities for another few days… weeks even. Hands up if this sounds like you?

Others start trawling online, looking at job advertisements on LinkedIn or other job platforms, only to find themselves disappointed with the lack of opportunities that seem to be suited to them. I can recall doing this after my second son - worse still, I recall stumbling across colleagues profiles and feeling left behind… this did nothing for my confidence!

For some, the return to work process stops (or falters) even before it’s really even started. It all seems too hard.

But it doesn’t need to be.

Having returned to work 5 times between us, we’re no strangers to the challenges facing women seeking to return to work, or to change their career direction. And what we can tell you, is that there re 3 mistakes we see people making most often.

And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings..png

Getting stuck into tactical things like looking for jobs can give you an initial sense of taking action, but we believe there are some more important things to get on top of first.

In this episode of Thrive Time, we take you through 3 of the most common return to work mistakes we’ve made ourselves, and have seen time and time again with women returning to work.

Avoiding these mistakes could be the key to a faster and more rewarding return to work process for you. Get the job you want, with less of the pain!

if you’re embarking on a career change, or returning to work, this short video might be just what you need!

Watch our video to learn the 3 common return mistakes we want you to avoid!

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