3 shifts you must make to successfully return to work - Episode 14

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Far too often, we are contacted by women who are frustrated, exhausted, deflated and almost ready to give up on having a meaningful career after they’ve had a break to raise their children… when their efforts to re-enter the workforce aren’t getting them the results they want, here’s what we tell them…

Embarking on any kind of big change isn’t always straight-forward, and any kind of job search is bound to include disappointment and confusion - but that’s not a reason to give up! When making your plan to return to work after taking a career break, there are 3 key shifts that need to made in 3 very different domains.

There’s a tonne of things you’ll likely have on your To Do list, but when you fail to take action in each of these 3 domains, the process of finding, securing and thriving in a new role can become tougher than it needs to be. In our opinion, concentrating on these 3 areas is one of the most effective things you can do, and they need to be your priority.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”.png

if you’ve got to this point, giving up isn’t the right thing to do! In today’s episode, we expand on why positive shifts in your Mindset, Professional and Practical domains are the perfect recipe for a successful return to work campaign.

If you’re feeling a bit frustrated with it all, this video might help you to get some perspective and set your priorities straight.

Click on the image below and lean more about the 3 fundamental shifts required to successfully return to work after kids. Hint: There’s a fabulous free resource for you at the very end… so sit through it all if you can - it’s less than 9 minutes!

Here is the free resource we promised you!

If you want to get more details on the 3 shifts that you MUST make to successfully return to work after a break, this FREE Return to Work Guide is your friend. In this 4-page pdf ‘The Ultimate Guide to returning to work after kids’, we go one step deeper into the specific Mindset, Professional and Practical areas that you need to focus on as part of your return to work plan.

Access your free Return to Work after Kids guide here.