5 steps to changing your life with micro-improvements - Episode 18

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When we talk about goals like losing weight, returning to work after a break or changing your career, we tend to refer to these things as events. But the truth is, most of these significant achievements aren't stand-alone events at all, they’re an aggregation of many smaller, micro-events (or micro-improvements) that have been consistently implemented, over time.

We tend to underestimate the power of consistent, marginal gains, however we believe that these micro-improvements can be the key to your success! Especially as a mother with little time at your disposable.

No time to chase your career of life goals right now? What if you simply focused on getting 1% better every day?

We explore in our Thrive Time video today how you can achieve some very big goals by improving by just 1% every day… by making some simple choices and taking ACTION. You don’t need hours of time, you just need to follow the five steps we outline in our video…

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…If you’ve got a big and important goal that you’re yet to take action on, this could be the one approach that helps you to break the cycle and get the wheels in motion… it’s worth a shot!

Want to know what your first 1% micro-improvement could be? Getting clued up by watching our video below. Simply click on the image to get started.

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