New Year, New Career? Find out if you're ready.

New Year, New Career?

Could you be ready to make the change?

There’s something about the start of a new year that’s energising- perhaps it’s the permission to file any troubles and exhaustion of the past year away, or perhaps it’s the opportunity to hope and imagine the new possibilities that lie before us.   Whether your 2018 was a cracking year or whether it was one of your toughest yet, it is now behind us and our eyes turn to the 12 months ahead.  Onwards and Upwards!

Before we get sucked into the momentum and pace of the new year, it’s a perfect time to reflect on whether any elements of our home and work lives need a little change. Taking the time to step back and think about your happiness and satisfaction, for just the smallest of moments, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  

Check in on your work mojo

Having hopefully enjoyed a few days away from your day-to-day work, you may have already done some reflection on your work and career side of things.  If not, there is no better time!  5 minutes in the shower, 10 minutes whilst you’re out in the surf, 20 minutes whilst you’re travelling – don’t overthink it, just capture your gut feel.  Are you feeling really pumped to get back into your work, are you looking forward to reconnecting with your colleagues?  Do you love your work and feel a sense of purpose in carrying it out?  If you are in this space, then congratulations – go get ‘em!  Or does your stomach sink when you think about the year of work ahead, or perhaps you just feel neutral and a lack of motivation.  Have you lost your love for your work or do you feel exhausted simply at the thought of it?  If you find yourself in this space, this is your opportunity to consider whether 2019 may be the year for some changes.


Ready, Steady…….

If you’ve been contemplating a career change or perhaps considering returning back to work after kids, now’s the perfect time to decide if you’re really ready for this change.  Are you going to chug along for another year and settle for ‘comfortable’ but maybe not completely ‘content’ – or are you feeling ready to shake things up and find work that truly fulfils you? 

What we’ve come to know after working with so many women, is that your ‘readiness’ to make a change or return to work, is driven by a few key variables.  Taking action often requires shifts from a psychological, professional and practical perspective, so it’s important to first assess how ready you feel. If you’re not 100% ready or committed, it just won’t happen as change takes time, effort and energy.  Asking yourself the following 6 questions will provide a good gauge as to whether you are in the zone.

  1. Do you find yourself increasingly thinking about what it would be like to be back at work?

  2. When you think about getting back into work, do you feel a sense of excitement and enthusiasm?

  3. Have you started to consider what types of work/roles would interest you?

  4. Do you feel motivated to invest time in brushing up on any professional skills that may need a refresh?

  5. Are you happy to put energy and effort towards updating your profile, networks and CV?

  6. Even if your confidence needs some building before you return to work, are you keen to give it a go?


To find out just how ready you are, as well as what you can do next, you can take our Readiness Quiz.  It’s a super simple way of checking whether you’re ready for action.

Here’s hoping this is your year for change.  It’s daunting, yes.  But goodness the rewards make it worth the effort.  In the words of the inspirational Steve Jobs: ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  Don’t settle.’