5 things to do before your interview - Episode 16

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Just the other day I was approached by a mother whose children go to school with mine. After an 8 year break from paid work, she had recently landed herself an interview. She was convinced that she was going to stuff it up and was filled with fear and self-doubt…

Landing that first interview can be so exciting and so scary at the same time! What we see often is that the feelings of anxiety about the interview can stop you from actually preparing adequately (which will help you to feel less anxious and perform better on the day).

You’re not human if you don’t feel nervous before an interview, but there are definitely some things you can do to ensure you are feeling as confident as possible and that you’re able to bring your best self on the day.  

Before we jump into what you can do to help ease your anxiety and feel prepared (there are 5 strategies we share in our video), it’s important to acknowledge that an interview usually isn’t a great predictor of how suitable someone is for a role, in fact it can sometimes be a very poor one.

Unfortunately it is one of the things people use to evaluate whether we’re the best fit for the job they need done. So, whether we like it or not, it pays to get good at interviews, and it IS worth putting the work in… Think of it as one of the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal of finding a job.

And remember, it’s nothing more than that – it’s not a measure of you as a person in any way… it’s a performance you need to take part in as part of the recruitment process.

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In our Thrive Time episode below, we focus on what you can prepare for BEFORE the interview, and in upcoming episodes, we will cover off what you can do to help your performance DURING your interview and also AFTER your interview.

So, in our episode below we’ve got 5 things for you to focus on, so grab a pen and paper if you have one handy! 

We’ll touch on some of the big hitters that we cover in much more detail in our Career Comeback Interview Masterclass.

In this popular masterclass, we go deep on each of these 5 areas (+ so much more!), because we believe they are absolutely essential to setting yourself up for an interview performance that you’ll be proud of. We can only skim the surface in our Thrive Time video, so if you do have an interview coming up, we strongly recommend you check out this masterclass, because we give you the step-by-step guidance as well as a bunch of templates to guide you, which makes actually doing it so much easier.

Ready to focus on what really matters when it comes to preparing before your interview? Watch Part 1 of our 3 part series on nailing your interview by clicking the image below.

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