"I'm giving up on my career dreams!" - 5 ways to NOT do this - Episode 19

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There are so many layers of emotion when it comes to returning to work after a break, or making a career change when you have a family – over time, you can start to feel like you’re ready to give up…

Yes! When we look at the Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale, career events like this are second only to the big family and health events like separation, death and illness in terms of the events ability to rigger stress.

Not having clarity and/or security around your career can be an incredibly stressful experience, and depending on your situation, fear of the unknown can really start to eat away at you. Our natural human tendency to doubt our ability in times of change or challenge can start to spiral out of control in our quieter moments.

It can be enough to make you want to give up. Enough to settle for life as it is. Enough for you to let go of your dreams of something better.

If you’re currently contemplating a big career move or change, you’ve just started putting your feelers out, or you’re in the thick of the return to work or job hunting process - then this video is for you.

We’re going to share 5 things you can do when you feel like giving up…

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They say that the feeling of wanting to give up often comes just before a big breakthrough - and these feelings can sometimes be the catalyst for making some smart changes to your approach.

Watch this video to learn 5 things you can do to get yourself back on track, when you’re feeling like you want to throw the towel in…

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