Episode #11: 6 ways to master your time when you're super-busy.

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We all have 168 hours available to us each week, and as mums juggling the commitments of work, home, community or family, those 168 hours can fly by. In the whirlwind of day-to-day life, we don’t always invest our time as wisely as we should. If you’re feeling like time seems to be getting away from you, it might be time to check-in and remember these fundamental time-mastering strategies…

A useful first step in making better use of our time, is to track how we are spending our time.  This doesn’t have to be a laborious exercise, but if you take 3 minutes a day over the course of a week to record how you are actually using your time, you’ll get a good sense of where the time wasting is occurring as well as where the time saving opportunities lie. It’s amazing how our perception can differ from the reality, so keeping a time journal for a week can be illuminating, and can also motivate you to make some tweaks to how you’re approaching each day.

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In today’s episode we share 6 fundamental time-mastering strategies that you may have forgotten. They’re not rocket science, but they can be easy to forget. If you’re feeling super-busy and in need of a refresher on what good time management looks like, watch our video below:

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