Talking about your career gap. Episode 1.

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Ever been asked about your time away from your career to raise children and felt like you were going to choke on your response?  

Have you ever felt like you over-explained why you stayed home to raise your children when there really wasn’t a need to? Or like your career gap took up too much air time and became too much of a focus in an interview?

We hear you.

We get asked sooooo often by women seeking to return to work after a career break how to respond effectively when someone asks them about their time away from work in an interview or a professional setting. And that’s exactly why we’ve chosen to answer this important question in our first Thrive Time video episode (you can watch it below).

Before we jump in, it’s important to say that we CANNOT WAIT for the day when a career gap to raise your children or care for a family member is highlighted as a HUGE BONUS on your resume. Any working mother can testify that they are more effective and better equipped professionally BECAUSE they are a parent, NOT in spite of being a parent.

Sadly… society is not quite there yet, and stumbling through an explanation of the gap on your resume can leave your confidence in a heap and you wondering how you’ll ever get back into a job that you love and will thrive in.

It can also be a sticky and awkward point in an interview or a conversation at a social event with someone who might be able to help you to land an ideal role… this episode focuses on how you can avoid any unnecessary awkwardness when it counts most. Whether we’re happy about it or not, potential employers will notice a gap on your resume, and your ability to elegantly address any concerns they have about the gap, then shift the conversation forward is something we want to help you to master.

Responding with confidence is easier than you think. In this Thrive Time Episode, we recommend that you remain unapologetic for your choices and, importantly, resist the urge to explain or overshare when it comes to your career break. By not over-investing in this part of your career, you can instead focus on drawing attention to your many other achievements and strengths that will be of interest to a potential employer. 

 Are you ready to learn how to do it?

Then jump on in and watch this short episode of Thrive Time where we share the 3 steps you can employ straight away to effectively address your career gap when asked about it.

 In this episode, we will talk through step-by-step this simple and effective formula:

 Step 1 – Acknowledge

Step 2 – Reaffirm

Step 3 – Shift

When you don’t follow these simple steps, you can sometimes get caught out and end up down a rabbit hole you don’t want to be in, so, do yourself a favour, watch our video and you’ll feel more prepared and ready to answer this question when it’s thrown at you. The gap in your career doesn’t need to be a big deal. We’ve created this video just for you, and we know you’ll find the inspiration and step-by-step suprt you need to develop your own authentic way of responding! We loved putting this video together for you, and we want you to have fun with it! 

Click on the video below to get started.

Remember to get started on your own authentic response as soon as you can!

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