Checking in on your partnership at home. Episode 2.

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In this Thrive Time video episode we explore a simple and highly effective way to check in on your partnership (Spoiler: it’s the first important step in achieving a more equal partnership at home). If you’re tired of carrying more than your fair share, this video episode is for you…

… it’s a situation we see far too often and one we’ve both tackled in our own lives. You’re burning out, grumpy and wondering how you ended up doing the lion’s share of the work at home. When you’re juggling the commitments of work and family life, anything less than a true partnership at home can leave you tired, overwhelmed and in many cases, physically unwell. Don’t get us started on the pressure it puts on your relationship…

Well, you’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean you should grin and bear it - study after study reports that women are taking on too much of the physical, mental and emotional load at home and it is taking it’s toll.

In many households, the imbalance of domestic labour happens without too much conscious thought. When women take time away from work to care for young children and the management of the home, they develop their capability and ownership of the domestic domain and we typically forget to rebalance this workload when we return to work (or when family circumstances change). Note: To any Dads in this situation, we salute you and we feel you! Unfortunately the vast majority of the time, this role is taken on by mum, so please bear with us - our approach works no matter who wants to take the lead.

The typical response when the load feels too heavy is to react with emotions like frustration and anger. This is what we want to help you change - because we know from our own personal experience and working with so many women facing this exact challenge, that the most effective approach is proactive and positive.

Not by losing your cool in a fit of frustration.

Not by going on strike (although this can have quite the impact!).

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In our Thrive Time episode today, we want to give you some simple actions you (and your partner - yes, this requires their input), can take as the FIRST STEP towards a more equal partnership at home. So if you’re sick of nagging, and you’re keen to take a positive approach to sharing the load better, THIS THRIVE TIME EPISODE IS FOR YOU!

In this episode, we talk about how important it is to regularly check in on your partnership at home, and we show you how to observe what currently is working, what you’d like to change, as well as any pain points or frustrations that might be simmering beneath the surface. By doing this exercise regularly, you’re able to address frustrations before they bubble over…

… and if you’d rather just watch and not take notes (there are some GREAT questions that you might feel compelled to write down), don’t worry, you can Download our FREE Partnership Check In guide when you’re finished and we’ve included all of the questions as well as a few others in your download.

Ready to watch? Click on the video below:

There’s no better time to get started on building a more equal partnership at home, than NOW.

FREE Partnership Check In Download.

If you’re ready to get started, access our FREE Download - Partnership Check In, and use our template to get the ball rolling in a really positive and balanced way. Access your free Partnership Check In download here.