4 reasons mothers make great leaders. Episode 3.

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We received an email From a lady who wanted advice on the best strategies to return to work after taking a career break. After spending a few years out of paid work, this highly capable and talented woman had started to seriously doubt her professional ability. She was wondering what value she’d actually be able to add in a workplace when her most recent memories were all about raising little people. Even though she wanted more than anything to re-launch herself back into work, she was beginning to feel paralysed by self-doubt…

This lady’s story isn’t unique, in fact we hear it all the time, and this is the exact reason we felt compelled to make a Thrive Time episode that shares just 4 (of the many) reasons that the opposite of this lady’s fear is actually true. Mothers make GREAT leaders in the workplace. Not just great employees or team members (although study after study indicates that they make brilliant, productive employees too). Mothers who return to work after a career break bring an incredible amount of value, leadership capability, emotional maturity and experience to workplaces.

In our eyes, motherhood is the perfect incubator for leadership development. The interpersonal, organisational and psychological assets you build as a mother bear an uncanny resemblance to the skills, abilities and character traits many organisations claim to be looking for in their leaders. You don’t need to look further than NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, for evidence that a combination of strength and compassion can literally change the world.

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…and whilst we don’t recommend you replace evidence of professional value creation with a list of your domestic achievements on your CV, we do believe that acknowledging that a woman’s leadership toolbox is enhanced as a result of their parenting experiences, not in spite of it, is a mindset shift we could all benefit from making.

In our Thrive Time episode this week, we share 4 reasons why we believe mothers make great leaders, in the hope that you’ll recognise these abilities in yourself too! We discuss self-awareness, coaching and mentoring, strategic prioritising and the ability to be cool and calm under pressure – all areas that most mothers build their capability in every single day.

We're hell bent on more women knowing this about themselves, so please do watch this episode, reflect on how motherhood has helped you to grow as a leader and share our video and this blog with any other amazing women who might be doubting their own professional ability… they need to know this!

As working mothers to 5 boys between us, we can testify to the enormity of this people-leading role. An engaged mother’s combination of strength and compassion is an ASSET in our books. Our message to mothers? You’re so much more capable than you realise. Our message to employers? Want someone with real life experience building capability in others and themselves as a leader? Employ a mother.

Ready to watch? Click on the video below:

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