3 Self-Care tips we swear by. Episode 6.

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Self-care is one of the first areas busy mothers de-prioritise, as we focus instead on caring for everyone else in the household. We somehow feel it’s either selfish to focus on ourselves or in some way less important than nurturing others.

But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. If we don’t invest in caring for ourselves, we can’t actually be our best for others…

An exhausted, depleted, frustrated, frazzled state does not set us up to be the best mother, wife, partner, friend, team mate or manager that we’d love to be. Practising self-care is no different to the concept of fitting your own oxygen mask in an aeroplane before you fit the masks of your children –you’re no help to anyone if you’re not fully functioning!

We love this quote - it says it all “Self-Care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you”. As counterintuitive as it may feel, ensuring your cup is full might be the smartest and kindest thing you can do for your family right now. “Easier said than done” we hear you mutter… yes, well that’s where our Thrive Time episode this week comes in…

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In today’s episode of Thrive Time, we share 3 self-care tips that we swear by. We’ve been supporting our clients to turn this area around for themselves for years and what we do know is that giving you a list of ways to care for yourself is a nice thing to do, but nowhere near as helpful as giving you tips on HOW to actually make self-care happen in your life.

What self-care looks like differs for every woman. You might LOVE the energy and thinking time yoga gives you, or going for a run in the fresh air might be your thing. Self-Care relates to any self-initiated practice that enhances your wellbeing, so have a think about what that might be for you - what energises you? Replenishes you? What lights your fire? When we refer to wellbeing, we mean your overall wellbeing - this encompasses your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Anything you do that enhances these parts of you, can be considered a deposit into your self-care bank.

Want to know 3 ways that will ensure you establish a self-care routine that you can benefit from? Click on the video below:

Ready to look after yourself better so that you can be the mum/employee/friend/daughter you want to be?

Our What looking after you looks like Masterclass is the perfect way to get started. Join us as we guide you through how you can integrate self-care and self-compassion into your life. Develop a smart approach to investing your time at home and at work so you can achieve more, by doing less. Learn the strategies that working mothers who thrive swear by.