How to know when it's time to rebalance your life. Episode 8.

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Most of the mums we know, (ourselves included!) are managing pretty full schedules, that don’t really have a lot of fat built into them. The precarious balance of home, family, work and community commitments often means that if you’re not strategic about how you approach your commitments, you’ll end up sick, exhausted or disappointing others (mostly yourself).

We’re not huge fans of the term work-life balance because we’re never actually sure what we’re meant to be balancing? When we refer to this juggle of commitments, we prefer to use the term ‘blend’. We believe that every woman has a unique blend that works for her… taking on what society or someone else thinks should be your blend is a fast track to feeling unfulfilled, and at the same time, trying to do too much all at once will leave you with nothing left in the tank.

After managing our own blend of family, work, community and home for the last 10 or so years, there’s a few things we’ve learned.  

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In today’s episode of Thrive Time, we’re talking about getting your blend right. We share 6 signs to watch out for, so you can make the changes before it’s too late. We will also give you 3 things you can do to start getting your blend back to the way you like it.

If you’re feeling like the wheels are starting to fall off, (even just a little), click on the video below:

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