How to deal with the conflicting emotions of working motherhood - Episode 17

How to deal with the conflicting emotions of working motherhood. Blog.png

When we became mothers, we knew we'd love our children more than anything. What we didn't fully comprehend was the river of conflicting emotions we would experience... The unconditional love you feel for your children is unparalleled, but so can be exasperation and anger they can induce in you! The amazement and awe you've no doubt felt in their presence is like nothing else, but so can be the guilt and feelings of failure and vulnerability we’re sure you’ve known since becoming a mum…

We never miss anyone like we miss our children when we are away from them, but you’re not alone if you also crave and celebrate separation from them too. We often learn our biggest lessons from our children, but it’s also very normal to lament the loss of the career freedom or progress you once knew before becoming a mum.

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The emotions of motherhood are complicated!

When you combine motherhood with work outside the home, it can become even more complex… which is why creating simplicity and clarity becomes even more important.

In this episode of Thrive Time, we talk about the many conflicting emotions of working motherhood. if you recognise any of these emotions, it’s important you know that you’re not alone!

Psychology terms the uneasiness of experiencing both positive and negative feelings about something, Ambivalence, and it is incredibly normal to experience this, particularly when you’re juggling parenting with other responsibilities.  

This feeling of being ‘torn in two’, or experiencing a sense of ‘push and pull’ tends to come up in the roles and relationships we are most invested in, where there is a constant juggling act of giving and taking.  It can crop up as a result of our own conscience or often, it’s stimulated by a collection of social expectations we may have internalised.

We felt it was important to raise awareness of the experience of ambivalence, because we believe that if we can find the confidence to open up and be honest about our conflicting feelings and emotions, the easier we’ll find it to work through them.

Watch our video where we share some of the most common emotional conflicts, as well as some strategies to move through your ambivalence or sense of feeling torn:

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