How to let go of your limiting beliefs - Episode 15

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Dealing with limiting beliefs is a challenge that almost everyone encounters at some stage when they are looking to create change in their career. Limiting beliefs, (a type of thinking trap we can easily adopt without even realising), can be your worst enemy if you don’t learn how to let go of them, but the good news is, there are simple ways that you can do this…

When we refer to limiting beliefs, we’re talking about the thoughts that we have about ourselves, others or the world that don’t really help us. They stop us from moving forward. They feel like the ‘truth’, and in many cases they hold us back from making progress or achieving what we really want. It’s the ‘feeling like truth’ bit that can be tricky, because unless we hold our unhelpful beliefs under the microscope, they can exist happily in our mind, without us realising that it’s the way that we are thinking about something that is holding us back from moving forward.

Limiting beliefs prevent us from thinking flexibly, from taking on new perspectives, and from growing.

We gotta kick those babies to the curb.

Whether you think you can or think you cant you're right. Henry Ford.png

Some of the limiting beliefs we hear most often from women who are looking to return to work are: ‘I’ve had too much time away to re-ignite my career’, ‘It’s just too hard to return to work’, ‘Why would they want to employ someone like me’, or ‘The children come first, my dreams can wait’.

Do any of these sound familiar? If they do, then this episode of Thrive Time was made for you!

Click on the image below and in our short video we will share the first step you need to take, to let go of your limiting beliefs, as well as a simple activity you can do to get started. Scroll underneath the video if you’re really ready to get started on moving past your limiting beliefs.

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