Stop comparing yourself to others - 3 things to do instead. Episode 12.

Stop comparing yourself to others - 3 things to do instead

At a time in our lives when we are starting to feel more comfortable in our own skin, and in our choices, we can still be troubled from time to time with insecurity that eats away at us and leads us to doubt ourselves as mothers and as women. Comparing ourselves to others on social media makes things worse…

It’s quite amazing how without even knowing it, you can start to feel like you’re missing out, not thin enough, successful enough, your house isn’t up to scratch, you’re not fun enough, not a great mother just by scrolling through your FB or Instagram feeds. I recall losing so much confidence when I was returning to work after my second son after spending too much time aimlessly scrolling through LinkedIn… everyone else seemed to be moving ahead, except me…

A flower does not compare itself to the flower next to it, it just blooms.png

In today’s episode we share why comparing ourselves is part of human nature, and how you can stop comparing yourself to unrealistic benchmarks. We offer 3 simple tips to bring you back to who you are and what is really important - they’re quick and simple and THEY WORK.

If you’ve felt the slippery slope of insecurity or envy because you’ve been comparing yourself to others, make sure you watch the video below, because this episode was created for you!

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