It’s the confidence inside that counts. Here’s how to nourish it.

It’s the outward expression of confidence that popular culture loves to promote. The energised, ‘Are you with me?’, contagious type of external confidence. But this outward facing confidence is only one expression of the self-belief we need to realise our career and life ambitions. It’s arguably the self-confidence that resides insideus, that holds the most potential. And figuring out how to nourish it, is a life skill worth learning.

I never ask my partner for help anymore. Here’s why.

Rather than throwing a wobbly like I had become accustomed to, I decided it was time to make some changes. I grabbed my trustiest side-kick (my laptop) and furiously typed everything that was driving me wild about our home life. Within a few minutes of the most hectic typing I have ever executed, it was clear to me, not only that this camel was carrying more on her shoulders than was necessary, but also, that I was part of the problem.

Want to return to work after taking a break? Here’s how to be unstoppable.

Returning to work after taking some time to raise your family can be one of these times of change where a To Do list just isn’t enough. If you’re looking to push past your fear, reluctance or overwhelm when it comes to working and raising your family, cultivating 3 areas of your mindset might be the only thing you need on your To Do list right now.

New Year, New Career? Find out if you're ready.

The start of a fresh new year is the perfect time to capitalise on your renewed energy if you have been contemplating returning to work after a break or making a career change to pursue more fulfilling work. Ensuring you’re truly ready for this exciting change will ensure you make a success of the time, effort and energy you’ll need to put in. Asking yourself these 6 questions will help confirm if you’re ready to take the plunge!

5 strategies to find a career you’ll love.

If, like me, you weren’t born with the divine knowledge of the perfect career for your personality, family situation, professional history or values, or you feel that becoming a parent has changed your perspective on work and life, the following five strategies have been designed with you in mind. Creating some time to engage with them will get you started on a path towards career clarity.

5 ways to lighten your load at home.

So many mothers today seem to be carrying the weight of their families on their shoulders, and heading closer to burnout and overwhelm than ever before. On closer consideration, it’s not just the physical tasks they undertake that seems to be taking its toll, it’s the often unrecognised and unqualified weight of the mental tasks required to keep a household and a family thriving… ok, just surviving.

5 ways mums can invest in their mental wellbeing.

As a member of the half of the human race that must work more, to earn less, it’s days like today that remind me we still have some way to go. Whether you agree with the way the stats are calculated or not, it is hard to deny that women still suffer a penalty in the workplace, just for, well, being women. What’s worse, is that when we shift our focus to Australian home life, we can see, not only one of the main underlying causes of the pay gap, but an even bigger gap in equity when it comes to domestic labour.

3 techniques for positive and productive conversations about housework.

Talking about housework with my partner and three sons is far from thrilling, but in many ways, it’s some of the most important dialogue we’ve had when it comes to my own sanity and wellbeing. As a starting point, if you’d like to have a positive and productive conversation with your partner about sharing the load at home better, and start to reduce the immeasurable tension a lack of equality can cause in relationships, consider these 3 techniques…

Is it time for a mid-year check-in?

The middle of the year could be the perfect time to set some new or updated intentions for your life. With the (blind?) optimism of the start of the year behind you, and the intensity of the end of the year in front of you, July could be the ideal month to tune in to your inner-realist and start making things happen.

8 ways to master micro-resilience.

When Hillary Clinton addressed the sell-out crowd at Sydney’s International Convention Centre Theatre last week, her story was one of resilience and perseverance. The one-time F.L.O.T.U.S., who experienced an unprecedented and unexpected loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election is in many ways the epitome of resilience and grace under pressure, and in this sense, a role model to many women…