Episode #10: 4 reasons mums are motivated to work (beyond money) ...and why that's OK!

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For most women, returning to work after children is a financial necessity.  However a surprisingly large number also can’t imagine a life without their work. For many, work is a part of what makes them, ‘them’. Work is a piece of their own jigsaw puzzle that helps complete them as a person…

But we can sometimes be left feeling guilty for wanting to work, heaven forbid preferring to work on some days! Engaged parenting and a meaningful career is possible and we believe, desirable for women’s wellbeing. We put together this episode of Thrive Time to share 4 of the motivations we hear most frequently with the women we work with.

There’s no shame in wanting to return to work after having children, in addition to the financial benefits it brings your family.

We have to change this idea that women are only supposed to work in the house... Women should go out and be what they want.png

Watch our latest episode and see that you’re not the only one who is ready to make a contribution to the world, outside of your home:

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